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Easy Ways to Keep Productivity Levels High When You’re On Lockdown

We all have good days and bad days, and sometimes we struggle with giving our best output. While we are willing to work hard, our productivity can be impacted by various factors such as health issues, stress, energy levels, etc. Nonetheless, we can still achieve a fair amount of consistency in our everyday work if […]

Staying Fit & Happy When Your Home Becomes Your Office

Working from home may have become necessary in the current circumstances, but it tends to create its own set of challenges. Recent studies indicate that people working in such conditions often develop symptoms such as stress, irritability, mood swings, emotional exhaustion, insomnia, anger, anxiety, and depression. Social isolation can also lower our immunity, making us […]

Why every modern workspace should have a gym?

Fitness is an essential part of our life. Yet people tend to overlook the fact that remaining fit is crucial. Not only the remaining fit can help you lead a healthy lifestyle but also will enhance your career in unimaginable ways. Most of the business owners have got to terms with the fact that hiring […]

5 Advantages You Get When You Lease An Office Space

With easy availability and distinctive advantages, leasing office space has emerged as a preferred option for businesses. Entities like SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and startups have been among the biggest consumers of leased office space in recent years. Big corporates continue to lead in leased office space consumption across all top cities in the […]

Leasing vs. Buying an Office Space: Why Leasing is the way to go

Most growing businesses tend to face a sense of challenge when it comes to leasing an office space as opposed to buying one. Now, each of these options comes with their own set of pros and cons. However, if you are a business that has just started with financial constraints, leasing could be the best […]

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Leasing An Office Space

Most entrepreneurs dream of owning a business that, in time, attains success and grows substantially. However, this might not be possible without a proper workspace. It becomes essential to rent or buy an official space. In most cases, an entrepreneur might not be able to shell out the exact amount required to purchase office space. […]

Why all modern offices should have a DayCare centre?

In the present scenario, almost in all the households both the parents are working. And to find reliable and convenient daycare is very difficult. However, the concept of offering a child daycare facility at the office facility for the working parents if often looked down upon. When child daycare facilities are provided in the working […]

5 Reasons –Why Renting an office is a smart business move?

An office is the mirror image of the business that you conduct. Therefore, selecting an office space can be a tricky business to conduct. You must select your office very precisely, keeping in mind the type of clients and customers that you need to deal with. Your office is more like a display of your […]

Drool worthy Reasons To Have Well stocked Kitchen In Your Office

With employees putting in long hours at work, offices have become their second home. In this scenario, it becomes vital to provide easy access to good quality food to employees. While food delivery apps can be an option, it’s often a long wait and there’s no check on the quality of food. The best way […]

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