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Why all modern offices should have a DayCare centre?

In the present scenario, almost in all the households both the parents are working. And to find reliable and convenient daycare is very difficult. However, the concept of offering a child daycare facility at the office facility for the working parents if often looked down upon. When child daycare facilities are provided in the working spaces, the employees of the office tend to work harder, and the output is beneficial as well. 

Here we have listed some of the reasons for offering child daycare facilities to the hardworking employees. And why it has now become somewhat a necessity than just a rewarding perk. 

1-The productivity is improved: A recent study proved that parents who had daycare facilities at their working spaces performed better, and improved productivity was observed. It was seen that the concentration of the employee was solely focussed on their work and nothing else. 

2-It’s convenient for the working parents: Searching for a child daycare facility can be a challenging task. Thus by establishing a child daycare facility at the office space for the parents makes it quite convenient for them to function efficiently. This helps in meeting with the personal needs of the parents, and less separation anxiety has been experienced. This significantly affects their output on the work that they perform. It gets convenient for the parents to commute along with their children to work and spend their break time and lunchtime with them. 

3-Attracts the employees and helps to retain them: The survey conducted suggested that many of the parents have turned down their jobs for the very reason of unavailability of child daycare facilities on-site. Also, more than 90-per cent parents stated the fact that child daycare facility was one of the deciding factors for the parents to take up their job. 

4-Emotional security is offered:  The parents who can check up on their children with time and again, especially during the lunch breaks, tend to show lesser separation anxiety than the ones who cannot. Their child is also cared for by someone who is closely associated with them. Thus, there are more minor worries about their child being taken care of properly or not. This certainly reflects on the working efficacies of the parents, which would ultimately benefit your company.

5-Good morale is established: Whenever an office or the employer offers child care facilities to the parents with infants, it shows that the employees are being respected enough in the firm. They are adequately valued so as to deserve the convenience of having their babies being taken care of while they work efficiently. This helps in establishing good morale in the official environment. The employees feel appreciated and valued as well, which motivates them to perform better. 

Today’s constantly changing world already makes it quite difficult for working parents to take care of their children. Therefore, the companies that they work for should at least contribute towards raising their families with harmony instead or placing roadblocks in their way. And what better than a childcare facility serves the purpose?

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