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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Leasing An Office Space

Most entrepreneurs dream of owning a business that, in time, attains success and grows substantially. However, this might not be possible without a proper workspace. It becomes essential to rent or buy an official space. In most cases, an entrepreneur might not be able to shell out the exact amount required to purchase office space. But, leasing an office becomes fairly easy for a business that has just started out. 

However, things aren’t as easy as they seem. Picking the right office space could be a daunting task. This is why you need to keep in mind certain factors before you start working on the lease factor. 

1 Budget:

Leasing space for your office needs could be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to budget. Given the fact that you are starting your business, you might want to consider the budget you set apart for your leasing needs. When preparing a budget to rent the office space, you need to include the extra expenses such as maintenance and cleaning. Plan carefully and trust leasing service providers such as MUSCO for discounted rents. The renting price at MUSCO starts at INR 79/sq.ft which is pretty inexpensive.

2 Amenities:

Now, you aren’t renting an empty hall for your business needs, right? This is why considering the amenities are a must when leasing a unit. When renting from MUSCO, you get amenities such as warm/bare shell scheme, Central AC, 24X7 Power/Water Supply, and so on.

3 Connectivity:

Location is one of the most critical factors that come into play when you plan to establish your business. However, most prime locations within cities are already bought out or too pricey for your budget. In such cases, renting is the best option. If you happen to live in New Delhi, you can get some amazing discounts when it comes to renting an office space with MUSCO. The office space is located around 20 minutes from the International/Domestic airport. Additionally, it is at a walking distance from Sector-8, Dwarka Metro Station. In terms of cheap connectivity, the office space for lease is located 10 minutes from Sector-21, Dwarka Metro Station/Airport Line Metro. 

4 Consider Your Team’s Needs:

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the office should meet the needs of your team. Whether your team requires a room to conduct meetings in or a place that houses all the equipment needed for hot or cold beverages, leasing with MUSCO is just what you need to do. You can also opt-in for housekeeping and maintenance services with the office leasing service providers.

5 Customization:

Another factor that comes into play with leasing office space is the need for customization. So, how does this work? Not all businesses are created equally. While some need a vibrant workspace, some work well in a classic everyday work area. So, depending on the type of space, you need the customization requirements of your business can vary. With MUSCO, you can trust the team to bring you the best-customized spaces. 


With MUSCO, you get a chance to have an office that feels like your very own, without having to spend a lot. The team adheres to your customization requirements while giving you access to a business that is centrally located. So, with minimal cost, you can operate a business successfully and watch it grow.

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