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Drool worthy Reasons To Have Well stocked Kitchen In Your Office

With employees putting in long hours at work, offices have become their second home. In this scenario, it becomes vital to provide easy access to good quality food to employees. While food delivery apps can be an option, it’s often a long wait and there’s no check on the quality of food. The best way to keep hunger pangs at bay is to have a well-stocked kitchen in the office. Hot and cold beverages, packaged food items, chocolates, biscuits, sandwiches, fresh fruits, milk, etc. can be a huge help for employees when hunger strikes.

Benefits of having a kitchen at workplace

Improved focus and productivity – While hunger can make us distracted, food recharges our cells, improves focus and boosts productivity. A well-stocked kitchen ensures that employees have something healthy to eat every time their tummies start to rumble. As compared to going out to eat or ordering food online, an in-house kitchen also helps save time.

Promotes team building – A kitchen is the place for informal conversations, which helps strengthen interpersonal bonds among team members. Conversations on the dining table can also help iron out any differences that may be there between team members. As compared to the office cubicle or meeting room, the atmosphere in the kitchen is a lot more congenial and welcoming. This promotes easy sharing of thoughts and ideas, an essential constituent of team building. 

Employees that eat together work happier together – It’s natural for people in a team to experience some level of friction in their everyday work. Differences in opinions and competitive compulsions are quite normal in every team. A well-equipped kitchen can do a balancing act by allowing people to interact with each other in an informal manner. Here, the focus is on food, which provides a positive environment for meaningful conversations and bonding. Good food can help people to forget their differences and make a fresh start every time.

Provides much needed retreat from desk – Spending a long time at the desk without breaks is known to be injurious to health. A well-equipped kitchen provides employees the right reasons to get up and move around a bit. A quick break from work can also help freshen up the mind and allow new ideas to flow in. Having something fulfilling to munch or drink can also help employees who may be trying to quit smoking.

Easy access to healthy food – In the absence of a well-stocked kitchen, employees tend to rely on outside food. Such food may not be healthy and unlikely to be nutritious. As food has a direct connection with employee energy levels and productivity, it is essential to have a well-equipped kitchen. If required, a nutritionist can be consulted about the type of food that can be stored in the kitchen. 

If you are looking for office space or co-working space on rent, make sure that the facility is equipped with all essential amenities including a dedicated kitchen. Musco can help as its commercial office spaces and co-working spaces have adequate provision for well-equipped kitchen. Working in a Musco facility will ensure that employees have easy access to healthy food. It will keep them charged all day long and boost their productivity as well.

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